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I am a modern paper quilling artist. I bring over 10 years of interior design expertise to my art practice, creating one of a kind hand quilled paper tapestries and sculptures that transform flat walls and enhance the spaces we live, work, play and rejuvinate in.

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A Modern take on a centuries old craft


Traditional quilling is a crafting technique that has been around since the Renaissance and utilizes a rolled strips of paper to adorn surfaces. My approach to quilling is unique because I hand cut, fold, roll, and configures paper and then glue the coils to each other rather than another surface or substrate. The end result are eye-catching paper sculptures and tapestries.

Capturing a few hours of clean while the

No more flat walls!

Unable to find the perfect sculptural wall art for my home and the homes of my residential design clients, I began quilling paper tapestries and wall sculptures, to deliver the personality and textured art I was looking for. 

Three ways to transform your flat walls today!

Shop Originals

Visit GriffinCarrickDesign, to shop original quilled paper tapestries and sculptures. 

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I love creating original art specifically for you! Start here to learn more about the commission process.

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Shop In-Person

Check out my quillings in person at LeClair's General Store, 1212 Ft Bragg Rd Fayetteville, NC